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  • SundayArts Primetime Specials WNET
  • PARIS The Luminous Years: Toward the Making of the Modern WNET
  • Wide Angle: The Market Maker WNET
  • GP: Harlem in Montmartre - A Paris Jazz Story WNET
  • Planet Forward NETA
  • A Company of Voices: Conspirare in Concert KLRU
  • Highland Heartbeat WLIW
  • Dance with Me! with Danny Malando & his orchestra WLIW
  • Take Charge of Your Money Now! with The Market Guys
  • Be Well Now! with Dr. Nancy Snyderman
  • Stay Rich For Life! with Ed Slott
  • Brava Italia WLIW
  • Reinventing Healthcare A Fred Friendly Seminar LPB & MBP
  • Victor Borge: 100 Years of Music and Laughter!
  • Where We Stand: America's Schools in the 21st Century WLIW
  • Sunday Arts News Thirteen/WNET
  • Stay Rich Forever and Ever with Ed Slott
  • The Jews of New York WLIW
  • Treasures in the Harbor: Discovering New York City's National Parks Thirteen/WNET
  • Rolling Stone: Voice of Our Generation
  • Tribute: A Concert Honoring the Teachers of America Thirteen/WNET
  • Bowfire CPTV concert
  • Ethics in America II PBS A Fred Friendly Seminar
  • New York Goes To War WLIW & Thirteen/WNET companion piece to Ken Burns' "War" series
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind with T. Harv Eker
  • Il Divo: Live at the Greek Theater WLIW
  • Nature: Murder in the Troop PBS
  • Consuelo Mack/WealthTrack PBS weekly financial show
  • In the Balance: City Under Siege PBS A Fred Friendly Seminar
  • Cyberchase Thirteen/WNET "Cyberchase For Real" segments
  • Reporting On Terrorism: The News Media & Public Health Thirteen/WNET A Fred Friendly Seminar
  • Zoom Thirteen/WNET
  • New York Voices Thirteen/WNET
  • Liberty and Security in an Age of Terrorism Thirteen/WNET A Fred Friendly Seminar
  • Cyberchase Cyber Vote Thirteen/WNET wraparounds for mini-marathon
  • 2001 Hispanic Heritage Awards NBC roll-ins
  • Oprah Syndicated roll-ins
  • Consumer Reports TV News Syndicated 13 monthly consumer-oriented news features
  • Bill Moyers: Close to Home PBS
  • Sally Jesse: Outrageous Moments Syndicated 
  • Learning in America: Schools That Work PBS
  • That Delicate Balance II: The Bill of Rights PBS 5-1/2 hours of public affairs programming
  • C. Everett Koop, M.D. NBC five one-hour documentaries
  • The Power Game PBS four one-hour documentaries
  • Celebrating Bird--The Triumph of Charlie Parker PBS
  • Being with John F. Kennedy syndicated documentary 
  • The 784 Days That Changed America . . .From Watergate to the Resignation syndicated documentary
  • The Gordon Elliott Show syndicated segments
  • Enterprise--On Key PBS 
  • O.K. Heart PBS documentary
  • For Auction--An American Hero PBS documentary
  • The Reporters Fox segment
  • Main Street WNBC-TV segments
  • Felix the Cat (non-animated studio version)
  • Mike Douglas Entertainment Hour syndicated
  • Captain Kangaroo WCBS-TV segments  
  • The Tim McCarver Show MSG
  • History Undercover: Kennedy and Nixon The History Channel
  • Biography: Walter Matthau-Diamond in the Rough Arts & Entertainment
  • Biography:Barbara Stanwyck--Straight Down the Line Arts & Entertainment 
  • Intimate Portrait:Shirley MacLaine Lifetime
  • LL Cool J--Past, Present and Future MTV
  • Biography: Fred MacMurray--The Guy Next Door Arts & Entertainment
  • Biography: Joan Crawford--Always the Star Arts & Entertainment 
  • Biography: Jack Lemmon--America's Everyman Arts & Entertainment
  • Intimate Portrait: Ingrid Bergman Lifetime
  • MTV's 7th Annual Rock 'N Jock Softball Challenge MTV
  • Rory's Place The Learning Channel 25 1/2-hour children shows 
  • America Undercover: Prisoners of the War on Drugs HBO
  • Biography: Yul Brynner--The Man Who Was King Arts & Entertainment
  • Biography: Charlton Heston--A Man For All Seasons Arts & Entertainment
  • Idols of the Game TBS  three two-hour documentaries 
  • Biography: Roger Moore--A Matter of Class Arts & Entertainment
  • Round Up the Usual Suspects Showtime
  • Take Five The Playboy Channel
  • Rory & Me The Learning Channel 48 1/2-hour children shows
  • Hate Rock MTV documentary
  • Straight from the Hood MTV documentary 
  • Yo! MTV Raps MTV
  • Fade To Black MTV
  • Lip Service MTV
  • The Grind MTV  
  • The Big Picture MTV segments
  • Nick Rocks Nickelodeon
  • The American Professionals TBS
  • Rated K for Kids Nickelodeon 
  • Double Dare Nickelodeon
  • Living Dangerously Arts & Entertainment
  • A Better Way Lifetime segments
  • Reggie Jackson's World of Sports Nickelodeon  
  • Running and Racing ESPN
  • Mighty Hamptons Triathlon ESPN
  • Falmouth Road Race ESPN
  • SportsForum MSG 
  • United States Military Academy "The Long Gray Line" (Daniel Productions)
  • Levinson Axelrod "Justice", "Puzzle" (Krimmel Soman)
  • Vitamin Shoppe "Elevator" (Bronfman Leibler Lubalin)
  • Popular Club "What If?" (Bronfman Leibler Lubalin)
  • Paragon Sporting Goods "Skiing"
  • Lincoln Technical Institutes "Arena Man ", "Electronics Man", "Diesel Man",
  • MSG Network "We're All Over It" image spots
  • Phish "Billy Breathes" (Guerilla Filmworks)
  • Summer's Eve "Question" (Compton Partners/Saatchi & Saatchi)
  • Lincoln Technical Institutes "Spokesguy", "Woman", "Skills You Can Bank On", "This Is Where . . ." (Bozell)
  • Phoenix Home Life " . . . And Proud of It"
  • Popular Club Plan (Borejko/Leibler)
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater New York (Murdock)
  • National Head Injury Foundation (Murdock)
  • Genovese Drugs (Popofsky)
  • Pathmark (Venet)
  • Arrid Extra Dry (Ted Bates)
  • Torricelli for Congress "Gun"
  • Personal Best Center of Cosmetic Surgery "Pamela"
  • Visions of Italy
  • HandySwitch
  • Topsy Turvey
  • Craft-Lite Cutter
  • Oxi-Clean Spray Away
  • Caulk Doctor
  • Wallet Pix
  • Crave Control
  • Litter Locker
  • Dream Pets
  • Street Dreams "rapumentary"
  • Boom Wa Dis Burro Banton
  • Only Lonely Today China Rain
  • I'm Still Lovin' You Evangeline
  • Always On My Mind Fam-Lee
  • Keep It Real Mellow T
  • Return of the Funkyman Lord Finesse
  • Tour of a Black Planet Public Enemy (home video)
  • Goodbye to You Scandal
  • No Intentions Carol McQuade
  • The Cover Girls
  • Reach the Beach Tour The Fixx (syndicated "rockumentary")
  • Decorating with Sheets House Beautiful/Wamsutta
  • Shopping For Your Wedding GHA Productions
  • Triathlon Training & Racing w/ Dave Scott Salmini Films
  • First Aid for the Home Karl Home Video
  • A Soul That's Free Montessori International
The award-winning five-screen industrial video Chaos for Andersen Consulting. The New York Film Festival award-winning point of purchase video for Limited Edition Watches. Theatrical trailers for Viacom, CBS/Fox, Key and Playhouse Video. Sports featurettes for NBAE. Educational videos for WNET-TV including the Mathline, Scienceline and the Cine Golden Eagle award-winning Internet in Action series. And educational videos for the Federal Reserve Board. Video news features for assorted public relations firms. Numerous corporate and industrial videos for sales, training and public relations for a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies. In 2007, a series of episodes of Cyberchase won the first Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Broadband Program - Children's".